We Deliver Value.......
Not Smoke and Mirrors.
We Deliver Value.......
Not Smoke and Mirrors.

Welcome to Urban Indie BMG

Top level agencies such as APA, CAA, Gersh, ICM Partners, UTA and William Morris Endeavor represent established entertainers.

These agencies manage the back office affairs of your favorite actors, rappers, choreographers, singers, standup comedians, and professional athletes.

Independent Artists and Entrepreneurs often find themselves without the benefit of such an ally to act on their behalf.

Urban Indie Branding and Marketing Group is equipped to fill that void.

From copyrights to consultancy, product development or placement, we’ve got you covered.

We position our clients to monetize multiple revenue streams and retain complete ownership of their catalog.

All work is assigned to an experienced brand manager and performed under contract for added assurance.


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Product Coding

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Trade Name Search

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Copyright Protection

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