Frequently Asked Questions

What is Urban Indie?

Urban Indie is a branding and marketing group that specializes in talent management of performing artist.

What does UIBMG stand for?

Urban Indie Branding and Marketing Group

What exactly does Urban Indie do?

Urban Indie handles the brand management and marketing needs of our clients.

We work to build and protect their interest in the marketplace and beyond.

In some instances this may include social media promotion while other situations could require copyright protection or collection of digital performance revenues.

Are there any requirements to join?

To join you simply need to be a performing artist or creator over the age of eighteen (18) with an active Amazon account.

Applicants who do not meet this criteria should have a parent or legal guardian join on their behalf.

How much does UIBMG charge for services?

Our membership packages start at $39.99 per month.

Individual services listed on our website will incur a separate fee.

Why was I sent a non-disclosure agreement?

Clients are required to sign trade secret non-disclosure agreements to mutually protect both parties interest and ensure that confidential matters remain private.

What is the purpose of a retainer fee and why am I required to pay it?

Our retainer fee covers the proposed cost of services to be rendered.

As work is performed on your project these fees are deducted from this amount.

Being that we operate a commercial enterprise and services are not rendered pro bono each client will be responsible for covering his or her own expenses.

Will I be offered a contract?

All clients are provided a contract of employment for services outlining the terms and conditions of their agreement with our company upon sign up.

I've always wanted to learn the business and work with performing artist. Are there any entry level positions available with the company?

For an up to date list of opportunities with UiBMG please visit our careers page.

Freelancers seeking commissions should send their requirements along with portfolio links to

How do I go about having UIBMG become my brand manager?

Our services contract constitutes a binding agreement in which UIBMG is legally obligated to fulfill the terms.

Once signed Urban Indie will engage in the task of managing all business matters stated therein.

Im interested in booking major artist to do live concerts. What can you do to assist me?

Event planning is one of many services offered by our company.

Please see the link below for details:

Event Planning

What social networking sites are UIBMG on?

We can be found on all social sites @UIBMG

Can you get my music on the radio?

UiBMG services commercial, college, and internet radio with material for placement consideration and rotation.

Does UIBMG book my gigs?

UIBMG uses every available resource to secure gigs for its clients, but makes no promise or guarantee regarding the matter.

Does Urban Indie sign talent?

Occasionally the company will take on side projects and sign new talent.

Please visit our website periodically for updates regarding such open call auditions and talent showcases.

We've tried calling several times, but can't get anyone on the phone to address our concerns.

Due to the nature of our business entertainment consultancy is only available to new member sign ups and clients on retainer.

Consultancy for new member sign ups is limited to the specified increments.

For general inquires or to better gauge which services package is best for you please see our FAQs page or review the options seen below:



What advice does UIBMG have to offer those aspiring to build a brand and become successful in this industry?

In short, people with health problems don’t go to a mechanic any more than a dentist would use eating utensils to extract a tooth.

The entertainment industry is no different. Employing the expertise of an experienced brand manager will take you much further than having someone unqualified attempting to figure things out and potentially getting it wrong.

Remember this is a business. If you won’t invest into yourself and build the structure necessary for order the outcome will likely be very chaotic and produce little to no results.

I was charged a two (2) hour minimum for consultancy services, but only received thirty (30) minutes of the time. Will the difference be refunded to me?

In an effort to minimize hours lost due to cancellations or “no call no shows” each prospective client is required to pay a two hundred dollar ($200.00) retainer fee prior to the scheduling of any appointment or phone conference.

This dollar amount represents a two (2) hour minimum for consultancy services and will be deducted from the clients membership package in full upon signing of their services contract.

What percentage of my royalties does Urban Indie keep?

UiBMG does not charge a royalty commission or claim any portion of your copyright/publishing.

Performing artists and creators retain 100% of all their rights regardless of the type.

Our job is to handle content registrations and other back office duties within the entertainment space on behalf of our clients.

How can I be sure this isn't a scam?

We encourage those concerned with fraudulent misrepresentation made on behalf of any company to report such activities to law enforcement and their local Office of the Attorney General Consumer Protection Division as deemed appropriate.

Is there a registration fee on top of the monthly subscription cost?

Absolutely not.

How long does all of this take?

While results are guaranteed within 30 days of sign up it takes an average of three (3) months to fully establish.

Each step involved has a different processing time of roughly 7 – 14 business days.

For clients who frequently record new material the process is ongoing.

Consultancy offered in conjunction with our subscription services is scheduled to run concurrently.

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