Performing Artist seeking representation should consider Brand Management.

This division of UIBMG handles the affairs of our clients with regards to initial start up and the packaging of their act.


Get results for under $2 per Day.

Individual services which fall outside of these packages will incur a separate fee.


49.99 /mo

  • Entertainment Consultation (Two 15 min. Sessions per mo.)
  • Domain Set up
  • Hosting Set up
  • Copyright Protection (5 Works)
  • Product Coding (Includes Soundscan and BDS Registration)
  • Weekly Soundscan Retail Reports
  • Digital Performance Tracking
  • Song Placement (via retail establishments)
  • Toll Free Conference Call Set up w/ phone number
  • Trade Name Search (State/Federal)
  • Taxpayer Identification Number Set up
  • Demand Letters

59.99 /mo

  • Includes Starter membership benefits plus:
  • Entertainment Consultation (Three 15 min. Sessions per mo.)
  • Digital Distribution (One Single)
  • Custom Logo
  • CD Cover Artwork
  • Business Card
  • Promo Flyer
  • Copyright Protection (10 Works)
  • Writer Affiliation/Registration
  • Business Formation Prep
  • Business Bank Account Set up
  • Brokerage Setup
  • Business Cellular Account Set up (No Credit Check Required)

79.99 /mo

  • Includes all Starter and Standard membership benefits in addition to:
  • Entertainment Consultation (Four 15 Min. Sessions per mo.)
  • Copyright Protection (15 Works)
  • Publisher Admin Set Up
  • Targeted Instagram Followers
  • Contract and Document Review (Limit 3)
  • Contract Preparation (Musician Related Agreements)

Become Our Next Success Story!

CKB Entertainment accredits their signing of a three (3) album deal with Malaco Records to the branding and marketing services of UiBMG.

Pose for the frame!

New Releases

Coming Soon!



  • Includes Starter, Standard, and Stratosphere membership benefits along with:
  • Entertainment Consultancy (Four 30 Min. Sessions per mo.)
  • Contract Preparation/Negotiation (Limit 2)
  • National Radio Campaign (4 months)
  • Copyright Protection (25 Works)
  • Weekly BDS reports
  • Live Concert Bookings
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Space Age membership is currently 12 - 15k and covers all the benefits listed herein for the specified term.
  • Ask a representative for pricing stipulations.
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