Entertainment Consulting

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For a comprehensive overview of solutions to remedy industry related issues affecting your business UIBMG entertainment consulting services are unparalleled.

Clients are afforded an opportunity to raise questions and voice concerns which need clarity to better pinpoint potential problems and expel gray areas.

Performing artist regardless of genre will undoubtedly face hurdles between the pursuit of their endeavors and actually achieving stardom.

More than often, hopefuls enter this arena unprepared and are blindsided due to the misconception that the entertainment business is a cookie cutter industry.

While first impressions may suggest it is relatively simple to comprehend, seasoned professionals will attest that there are many intricate details to be deciphered.

Coupled with the advancement of digital technology into an industry where major labels maintain a 98% failure rate on their releases, having experienced counsel is imperative.

UIBMG will act as a corporate liaison to assure you are in that winning percentile while protecting your investment of time and capital allocated for any project.

Entertainment Consultancy is available in five (5), ten (10), and twenty (20) hr blocks which are billed at $100.00 per hour.

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